lørdag 27. september 2008

Blessings of Kentucky and Myspace, and of course, dear Jessica.

So. I'm now writing my first blogpost in English. Some may find that strange, since I generally write in Norwegian. This are two reasons why I do it like this, both of which are fairly well linked.

Number 1 (The secondary reason) is that writing in Norwegian gives a fairly limited base of readers. Faithful, I will add, but limited.

Now comes reason number two:

As some may know, my book of love is about as thin as the list of religions that never harmed anyone. For the past... nine years of so, i've been single, so frankly, i've been single for all of my life (when you take into account what a relationship really is)

This might just have changed though, if only for a tinsy winsy bit: (but it's a bit more than that, luckily)

Right! So for all you Norwegians who haven't been introduced. Meet Jessica! A 19 year old girl studying films in Kentucky.
I met Jessica on Myspace (of all places) about a year ago. While we hadn't had too much contact for the past year or so, she suddenly showed up and asked who I was, I didn't remember who she was either until she mentioned her nickname, and then it came to me like an epifany.
She was the extremely cute girl that I had talked to about a year earlier! That was my first thought. Anyway, we kept talking for a month or so, maybe a little bit longer. And in that time I have decided that Jessica miiight just be the single most excellent person on this earth. (No offense to all you other people I hold in high regard. Don't be sad!)

I won't get into too much detail, and I wouldn't go as far as to call us a couple, (though the lord knows I wouldn't mind), however she knows everything I'm writing here, so dear reader, you judge for yourself.

Some may find it iffy that Daniel has to search halfway around the earth to find a girl, but I tell you now, I haven't felt this happy in a long time. I feel complete, so to speak, and it is, (and yes, I am directly adressing you now Jessica, and hoping that you're reading) all because of you!:)

So. I will update my blog on english from now on, and give all you readers a little update on how things go, and also so that Jessica can be sure that I don't give out any false information! (I don't lie!)

And Jessica. You're a sweetheart!:) I hope you don't mind I tell whomever is interested. I don't have that many readers anyway :P